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The Indian Toy Industry


The Indian toy industry is a old as our heritage. Nurtured and enriched under the intellectually rich cultural fibre of India, the range of toys manufactured in India reflect our cultural diversity.

Play, with emphasis on safety and learning, are the core foundations for the toy industry in India manufactures toys and games made from a variety of manmade as well as natural materials, including rubber, metal, textile, wood, etc. This industry is predominantly confined to the small scale sector and is spread all over the country, catering to the local needs of different parts of India. In the organized sector, the chief centers for toy manufacturing are the National Capital Region and Mumbai.

In India, manufacturing of toys in general, is labour intensive and utilizes skills of master craftsmanship as well as creative designing. The Indian toy industry, fueled by the vast domestic market has now turned its attention to global markets and is fast gearing up to meet international demands.

Strong points of the Indian toy industry are skilled workforce, diverse range and focus on innovation & education. Indian manufacturers are catering to both large and small volume requirements and are exporting to the most developed markets in the world. The main markets for Indian toys are USA, UK and Germany.

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