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25 - 26 March 2025 | New Delhi

ISGFAIR 2025 | The Sports & Fitness Show

Sourcing Sports Goods from India

Cricket, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis and other Field Sports, Sports Wear, Fitness and Training Equipment & Accessories etc.

Indian sports equipment are being used at the highest level of sporting events and training academics, including Olympics and world championships. 


India offers exciting sourcing opportunities!

Indian sports goods industry is over 100 years old and exports quality sports goods to more than 100 countries, supplying to leading brands.

Exporters are backed by dedicated manufacturing units that use mechanised tools & machinery and are run by a skilled workforce.

Having an uninterrupted supply of raw materials, the industry is also supported by well established ancillaries of plastics, metal works, textiles, leather, etc.

Ease of doing business in terms of better understanding, flexibility, support in innovation and interest to build long term relationships.

India is the largest democracy and has a stable economy. Its huge domestic market maintains steady economic growth at all times.

The top five markets for Indian sports goods are the UK, USA, Australia, Germany and South Africa.

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