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Sports Goods from India


India is fast emerging as an important supplier of quality sports goods to the global markets.. Indian sports goods are being exported to more than 100 countries and are in demand for their performance, reliability and unmistakable value proposition.

Indian sports equipment are being used at the highest level of sporting events and training academies, including the Olympics and world championships. Some of the disciplines using Indian sports goods and accessories at the professional level include Cricket, Hockey, Track & Field, Boxing, Goal games, etc. Indian promotional products are also very popular.

The industry is rapidly embracing new technology and adapting its products to keep up with the fast changing global trends. With robust and augmenting domestic market adding to the expanding overseas market, Indian leisure industry foresees increasing presence both in Indian and international markets. The growth momentum of Indian industry is supported by its huge reservoir of skilled workforce, well established supporting and ancillary industries and availability of basic raw materials required for producing a wide variety of products.

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