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Sports Line

Sports Line is a sole proprietor firm established by Mr Virender Nagpal in the Year 1988 to manufacture cricket helmets based on OEM needs. He studied and learned different manufacturing designs and techniques needed to manufacture cricket helmets and now holds 27 years of global experience in the field. The company currently manufactures cricket helmets for leading cricket brands in the world. Through manufacturing of cricket helmets, the company grew to manufacture different head protectors for multiple sports such as bicycling, hockey, mountaineering, rugby, rafting, hurling and skating to name a few. The company continues to expand its expertise in Head Protection and shall add more sports in its portfolio in the near future. In addition to head protection, Sports Line also manufactures various protective wears associated with cricket such as Moulded Leg guards and Abdominal Guards. The firm also specialises in manufacturing moulded plastic products based on OEM designs. This range also includes all sorts of cricket training equipment and accessories for both Indoor and outdoor use.
Sports Line sources 80% of its raw material locally and import some specialised raw materials from different parts of the world. All the products in our catalogue are manufactured in India with 100% in house production of all components and assembly.

Brand Name


Key Products

Cricket Helmets, Abdominal Guards, Other Sports Helmets, Moulded Cricket Legguards, Hats and Caps, Bicycle Helmets.


Sports Line
Sports Line

Social Accountability Certification - SEDEX, CE, UK CA

Key Contact Person

Virender Nagpal

H-29, Udyog Nagar, New Delhi - 110041

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